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Morning Quickie 03-05-19

Informative, entertaining and fast....The Morning Quickie!

Morning Quickie 03-04-19

Welcome to all listeners that met us at the Huntley Expo!

Morning Quickie 2-27-19

Hump Day!

Morning Quickie 02-26-19

Sometimes in life we get lemons, sometime we turn that into lemonade. This morning, The Morning Quickie was supposed to launch at its regular time at 6:00 am, but thanks to the bri...

Morning Quickie 02-25-19

Spring is one day closer!

When the community comes together to honor one of our favorite people, it sounds like this show. Sunday Graham means so much to so many and although she is leaving Huntley, what sh...

Morning Quickie 02-22-19

Happy Friday!

Morning Quickie 02-21-19

The Duck is back (you're welcome) and there are rumors about the camel!!!!

It is sooooooo cold out....who is ready for spring? The Duchess with her banging bangs is ready....the big burly Sir William is ready...if only the thermometer would cooperate with...

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