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Morning Quickie 01.30.19

Where is Cubbie Curt? Tune in to make sure he is not frozen.

Morning Quickie 01.29.19

Brrrrrr....warm up with the Morning Quickie

Morning Quickie 01.28.19

The best 14 minutes of your day!

Sir William & The Duchess celebrate and discuss the importance of small business. If you have or are thinking about a small business, they talk about how to be successful. Also...

This show is for you....enjoy!

Morning Quickie 01.23.19

It's time....get your Quickie on!

Morning Quickie 01.22.19

Wake up, grab a coffee and tune into the Morning Quickie.

Morning Quickie 01-21-19

The Morning Quickie....check it out!

Morning Quickie 01.18.19.

Have a great weekend!