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"You talking to me?" - WS ratings down. Huntley vs Maine South. Pumpkin Day. More Bombs. Bulls injuries mount. The Morning Quickie!

O Bomb a. Game 2. Storms. Financial disaster. Grayson. Bingo. Early Voting. Michael relief. DeBrincat. 

Hawks win. Florida controversy. Canadian rapper dead. Fundraiser for Grayson. Bologna. Bingo. Daddy-daughter dance. The Morning Quickie.

Bingo. Lawyer of the Porn Stars. Kane. iPod. Red Sox/Dodgers. Sunny and 52. The Morning Quickie.

Bears lose. Clemson Party. Dodgers vs. Red Sox. Huntley Chat. Chicken Nuggets...The Morning Quickie

Sometimes Sir William & The Duchess just need to do a show about nothing....or about everything. From Steve Perry to The Connors, from the Alzheimers Walk to Fortnight, this sh...

Rosie. Kimye. Boobies. Craw. Friday. The Morning Quickie.

The Royals Baby. Lindsey Graham's bad joke. Dodger Blue. Craw is back. Cupcakes. CL Brewery. Mid 50's. 

Saudi Arabia. Missing teen. Red Sox win. Crazy weather. Hagfish. The Morning Quickie - tune in tomorrow anytime after 6:00am

Hurricane Michael. Stormy Daniels. Paul Allen. New Cubs Hitting Coach. Breast Cancer 5K. Morning Quickie.