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Today I had special guest Bob Ibach on the show to discuss the upcoming Relay For LIfe for The American Cancer Society that will be held on June 9th. Bob talks about all of the rea...

Beard Look

Guys, stop and listen. We are going to share some things to stop doing if you want to attract the girls. We are #peoplehelpingpeople and this is a good one to make sure you are not...

Google Says Whaaa?

We launched a new bit today called "Google Says Whaaaa?" We will need some listener feedback to really make this one funny, so listen and then post a comment on Facebook or Twitter...

Relationship Problems

Sir William shares his top nine problems that every couple should avoid...what makes him the expert? The Duchess, with help from Brent, take it further with additional problems and...


What are some of the funniest tweets from our @2gingerz account? Tune in and you will find out. 


Believe it or not, there are products that were only created for one reason - to annoy someone. As if we need extra stuff out there to annoy us. Check it out.

Scott Rowe

Our exclusive interview with new District 158 Superintendent Scott Rowe.

Girls on the Run

Today we talk about an organization that helps with self-esteem and growth of young girls to help them become young women. It is a fantastic organization that also does a great job...

Klondike Bar

Free stuff. Everyone loves it. What is the motivation behond free stuff? Where are the best places to get free stuff. Check out this show.