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Kids, Bored?

Why are kids impatient, bored, friendless and entitled? It is an on-going question that like most parents like us try to answer.

Charitable People

It's all too easy to focus on the negatives of fame when so many people of fame boast ridiculously charitable personalities outside of what they do. We highlight just a few.

British Sentences

We love our friends from across the pond. Here are some of the most interesting British sentences of all time! Enjoy!!!


A weekend wrap up from our "enough is enough" show to St. Patricks Day. We discussed feedback received on Huntley Opinions post and we wished more people would have heard they show...

World Fair

From the Huntley Expo to the Chicago World's Fair, Sir William & The Duchess break down the art of the Expo.

Enough is Enough

On Wednesday at 10:00, the nationwide protest is both a memorial and protest action. Students and teachers across the United States will walk out of their schools and universities ...

The City

1993 was the year that Sir William and Momma Mia were married. It was a very interesting time in history. We take you back into 1993 and talk about "the city" as well.


Today we talk about some of the crazy things that happen to your body when you sleep. We also share Sir William's new sleep playlist.


Most relationships have a honeymoon phase, a stage in the relationship where there is still pressure to make an effort with how you look and to plan big, extravagant dates. Today w...


Grease is the word...if you were a fan of this movie (who wasn't?) check out the show from today.