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Sir William and The Duchess engage in a good old fashioned joke-off. Who is funnier? Are either of them funny? Who wrote the jokes? Brent?

Kool Aid

What was your favorite flavor of Kool Aid as a child. Did you know there were over 50 different flavors? You will now.

Fairy Tales

Today, 2 Gingerz discuss Fairy Tales and why these stories are still very relevant today.

Kiss My Ass

Emoji's are the new way to communicate and we are struggling to determine which combination or pictures means what.

Damn It Mr. Noodle

Damn It Mr. Noodle is a show about insanely funny stories gleaned from the internet. There is no way to describe the show, you just need to listen. Invest the 27 minutes, it will b...

Love Contracts

Hot off the first Valentine's Day in the #metoo era, Sir William presents his Top 9 Hallmark Cards and also discusses Love Contracts.


Are you watching the Olympics? The Duchess and Sir William are really excited about the stories that these amazing athletes bring with them to the Olympics and the coverage by NBC ...

Kid Love

Aren't kids the cutest things? Especially when they write valentines day cards. We break down some of the most adorable ones we found online.

Love Mix Tape

From Sir William & The Duchess to you.....Happy Valentine's Day. This year we are making you a love mix tape. We hope you enjoy....

Song Lyrics

Do you sing in the shower? In the car? Have you ever missed on lyrics to a song. I mean missed so bad that you sang it loud and proud for years? That's what we are talkin' about on...