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Expiration Date

Do you always look at expiration dates? Maybe you should. We will discuss products that expire quicker than you might think.

Tide Pod

The Tide Pod Challenge is stupid. There is nothing else to say, just stupid.

Insane Rock Stars

Did you know Charles Manson wrote a song for The Beach Boys? Rock stars and rumors go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Millennial Shock

Today we talk about things parents used to say that would shock Millennial parents. For instance, "If you don't quit touching your brothers, I'll cut your fingers off and let the d...

Turning 40

Mr. Big has joined the "40" club and today we broke down just what he has in store going forward. 

Little Saturday

Hear ye, hear ye, from hence forward, Wednesday shall now be known as "Little Saturday". You no longer can use the term "Hump Day". Confused, no problem, just check out today's epi...

Jim & Justin

You know them, you love them, after several years, we finally were able to get Jim & Justin into the studio. They played Radiothon II, they created 2 Dudes and The Duchess them...


There are a whole bunch of foods you have been eating wrong. For instance, you shouldn't cook bacon in a pan. You should bake the bacon. Why, give this show a listen.

Gluten Free

Finally. Sir William has jumped on board the Gluten Free program. What are going to be the challenges? Can he do it?


Heinous (and Hilarious) reasons people were fired including biting a Dunkin’ Donuts worker. Get ready for a chuckle or two on this show.