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Balls Wednesday!

November 22nd, 35th annual Turkey Testicle Festival will be as EPIC as last year.  Starting with Suburban Cowboys at 11:00AM followed by 7th Heaven, Modern Day Romeos and headlinin...


Family tablecloth - Use a plain white tablecloth and fabric markers to personalize your Thanksgiving table before you lay out the turkey and stuffing. Have each person write their ...

Beginning of the Season

It is the beginning of the holiday season and the kiddos have a week off of school. What will you do??? Guess what? We have you covered, check out all of the local events to get yo...

Wedding Trends

Have we all lost our collective minds? If you or a friend are getting married soon, you need to hear this show. There are some very disturbing new trends that you need to understan...


Can you imagine a world with total darkness...for any period of time? Well get ready, the word is this November, its coming.


What really happens in space? Sir William & The Duchess just returned from Mars and give you a first hand play-by-play of what really happens in space.

Gun Control

Sir William & The Duchess discuss the pros and cons to gun control. It is a difficult issue that needs to be addressed in America.

Snakes or Spiders

Would you rather be stuck in a room with snakes or spiders? Neither are great options, but what if you had to pick one?

The Kitty de Hello

Did you know you missed Hello Kitty's Birthday? It is not too late to send her a gift. The question is what do you get for a Kitty that has everything?