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I'm just having a real good morning. Bears win. Fires in Cali. Lawsuit from CNN? Momma Mia. Balls Wednesday. Pizza. The Morning Quickie.

From Napa Valley to MOD Pizza and everywhere in between, 2 Gingerz brings you entertainment from the beginning to the end of this show. Sir William and The Duchess want your feedba...

Shocking weather. New Coach. Shooting in LA. Mack is back. MOD Pizza. Trust Tree. Scrapple. Disney. The Morning Quickie.

Trump. Trump's Star. More Trump. Sessions. New Coach. Cubs Relief. Harvey Wallbanger. MOD Pizza. The Morning Quickie.

Dems win house. Reps win senate. JB is gov. Q is out. Stress. MOD Pizza. The votes are in - The Morning Quickie is the best way to get your morning news!!!

Go Vote! Trump Taxes. Racist Ads. Cubs & Sox players in FA. Cowboys lose. House of Cards. Nachos.Little Women. Morning Quickie.

Rizzo. Bears. Cold. Rain. Snow? Kavanaugh. LA Teacher. Vote. Please. The Morning Quickie.

TGIF...Claire Underwood....Deviled Egg....Rain...Buffalo....Vote...Daddy-Daughter....On the Line....The Morning Quickie.

Hello Kitty. Candy Bar Bingo. The Cove. D-Rose. K-Long. P-Kane. Trump vs. Ryan. Pet Cook. T-Minus 5. The Morning Quickie.

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